Thursday, March 1, 2012

a creative mess

Our house gets messy quicker than I'm able to clean up. (Yes, the kids do chores, but still...)
I laughed when I saw that my friend Rie filed the photo from my living room at Pinterest with the comment:

"... so soothing".

I grabbed my camara and took a picture as it was
 right there and than... so soothing!!!

Sometimes I try to keep up with everything. I try to be this really neat person. I think my family likes me not so much on these days... and I realized another thing:  my creativity dries up.

Some days being creative is more important to me than a clean house.

So, if you come over and the house is a mess, just know I had other priorities that day...


Patricia @ 9th and Denver said...

ha ha !!
I must be a creative genius.

have a fun time with the kiddos.

Christy said...

I found you on Pinterest and have loved catching up on all your previous posts. I love Rie and her simple, homey, but still elegant style. I am a mom of six and know what it's like trying to keep up! Yesterday at a bible study at my house, one of the ladies commented that my house is so "relaxing and soothing". LOL I completely understand!

donna said...

That is too priceless :-) Thanks for keeping it real............still a beautiful home. More so really, it shows you have a life.

Rie said...

Ha,ha! Well, you had us fooled. ;) Of course, we all have messes. Thanks for showing us the alternative view. That soothes us in a different way. :)

onkel christian said...

ahh, ok. jetzt erkenn ich die wohnung wieder :-)

ahh, ok. now I recognize the flat again :-)

Fiona said...

LOL I am always soothed by photos of your home too ... But good to see the reality. So hard, though, don't you think, to find the balance between "creative" and "neat enough to have space to be creative"?
I love seeing your home no matter what state it is in! Seeing these photos today and reading your wise words has been soothing in a different way!

Michelle@ A Full Cottage said...

I feel so much better after seeing your "normal" pictures. Sometimes I feel as if everyone has a cleaner house than I do and how can I get anything done if I clean all day! I love your blog and your home, but now I love it even more. Thanks so much for this post.

:) Michelle