Monday, August 15, 2011

green hutch

It could be aunt Othalie's kitchen hutch.

(My mum has an old hand me down hutch called aunt Resi's hutch, after her grandaunt Resi.
"Mum, where's the medium glass bowl?" - " Oh, it's in aunt Resi's hutch..." 
And everyone knows exactly where to look.)

But those of you knowing IKEA realized of course that it's just an boring standard IKEA Leksvik hutch.
Unfortunately there is no aunt Othalie who has old furniture to hand down to me.


This poor Leksvik hutch was rather beaten up.
But with a little paint and some distressing it turned out rather charming.

I'm not really sure if I keep the fabric.
I taped it inside the glass doors because we kept CD's and DVD's inside...

Would a thin white cotton fabric look better?

What would aunt Othalie do?


Fiona said...

Oh it is lovely! It gives me hope for the hutch and dresser that I am about to paint, one of them in a similar colour, I think! I love the fabric on yours, I guess it depends how it fits with your room ....

Sandi~A Cottage Muse said...

I absolutely love it and would not change the fabric!!