Thursday, August 4, 2011

dining room

Recent mini make over of our breakfeast nook:

When we first moved in I hang black wallpaper on this wall.
It was kind of cool, but stealing so much light.



I love how light the room is now, but there's still some things to do:

paint the ceiling
exchange light fixture
find cheap and beautiful chairs

I really dream of building a window seat with two shelves for this wall.
But for now it's a dream.



Amy Kinser said...

Very pretty room. The black was pretty also but I do love white.

Fiona said...

Much more light! When I was a growing up my parents had a black ceiling in their dining room! I love that window seat and bookcases too ...

Fiona said...
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Sang Tao - Judith said...

Fin blogg du har:)

juls4real said...

Love your pretty home. Delightful touches you've made.

marble top dining table said...

Love your room, very pretty!

orange county furniture said...

That room looks very pretty. The sunshine helped a lot in brightening up everything.