Saturday, January 8, 2011

New sunburst mirror

Since my homemade sunburst mirror is for sale, I had to replace it with something else.
How convinient that the Nester just posted about 
the day after I took down my old one!

I had all that was needed on hand - a free and quickly done project is what I love!
This is how my copied version turned out.
Mine is a bit smaller and will not hang there for long - but works fine as space filler until I get something else.

Happy weekend!
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Rie said...

that is soooo pretty!

Tina said...

Me like a lot Margitta! Du e et geni!!! : )

Anonymous said...

Looks great. I might have to try my hand at one too.

Erin said...

Love that mirror, you rock!

A Perfect Gray said...

whoa! it looks so good....I might have to try that one...