Monday, January 24, 2011

I blieve in moving furniture...


  1. it's free
  2. you can instantly give a room a new feeling
  3. it burns calories
  4. you have the chance to really clean behind the furniture
  5. it helps to relief cabin fever (which I get if it's raining for days/weeks)
  6. ...
Need any more reasons?



In autumn I had moved our bed into this arch in our bedroom.
It was cozy.

On friday night Mr Viking mentioned that it was kind of annoying that he had to crawl into the bed from the bottom end. I agreed.
(Mr Viking did not know that my plans for saturday already involved a bedroom change :)

"But isn't this the wall where your faux fireplace has been???"
I am amazed how well you follow along.

The thing is, we have no warming in this room.
In winter it's  f.r.e.e.z.i.n.g  cold.
Which we dont't mind as long as we have good bedding we love to sleep in a cold room.
But as cozy as this corner was, in winter it's actually too cold to sit there...

And I believe interior has to have a function...

Over to this room:

It has been boyNr2 and boyNr3's room.
But they had moved in with boy Nr1.
So it functioned as playroom.

I want to use it as family room.
As the kids grow older the need for another living room is growing.
But the tourquise color had to go - I felt like sitting in a swimming pool.
(even though it's not very long scince I painted it that way - what was I thinking !?!)

So the fireplace moved.
More of this new family room later....


grace said...

Beautiful as always!

Fjordheim said...

Ja det er morsomt å ommøblere. Jeg bruker å gjøre det når jeg egentlig har lyst på noen nye møbler, men ikke kan kjøpe det. Flytter en på de gamle blir det som nytt.
Syns det ble kjempefint på den "nye" rommet ditt.
Ha ei god uke :)

Anonymous said...

Oooo, looks fun. Can't wait to see more of that "new" space.

Comeca Jones said...

love the colors you chose and that headboard Im crazy about it!

Mrs.C said...

Oh, I really like what you are doing. Your headboard is so pretty, and I love your faux fireplace. I think I love everything you do, you have such elegant tastes. Your blog is such a treat! Thank you for sharing!

Unknown said...

Your bedroom is beautiful! I love the bed in its new place. It looks so good with the adorable blue stool as a night table. The headboard is very pretty.