Tuesday, April 16, 2013

going Norwegian

I have decided to start to blog in Norwegian. Also I am going to write less on decoration / interior design. I want to focus more on something that has become more and more important to me over the last years.

Living intentional.
Living simple.
Focus on what is important.

If you feel a strong need to read my ramblings and don't understand Norwegian, you can use the translate button on the sidebar and hope google does a good job :)


Sivs hus said...

Hei, Spennende:-) klem Siv

Little Miss Know-it-all said...

I don't speak or understand Norwegian, though I would love to so maybe this would be a way of getting into it?! As a bilingual English/German person, surely it can't be that difficult LOL?!

I look forward to the shift in emphasis, as that's something I'm really interested in, too... but it would be nice if you still show your beautiful pictures :)

Rie said...

Love this... A shift in focus. I will use the translate button! :)