Saturday, December 22, 2012

the perfect christmas

(or rather the letting go of the perfect Christmas)

In the beginning of December I wrote:

«I want to decorate less and to bake more. 
I want to spent as much time as possible with my children 
and as little time as possible shopping.
 We will see how this works out... ;-)»

How did it work out?

The truth is : the moment I wrote these lines above some weeks ago, I had this mental picture in of me  in a clean apron , in a neat and clean kitchen surrounded by happy  children. (Come on, we  all have our percect christmas pinned down on pinterest and/or in our heads.)

For me this perfect picture I'm so often creating in my mind can destroy the beautiful reality I have. 

Yes, I worked little in December. I spent much time with the children. We baked more than we did in years. We did a ton of crafts.

And the kitchen was rarely clean. 
The kids showed attitudes we had to work with in between. I never got around to order a Christmas card (again)... and the cookies were eaten one or two days after they were baked. Tomorrow we await Mr Vikings brother and family, who will stay with us for Christmas. The guest room is still a total mess.

This is my perfect Christmas. :)

Hey, but the tree comes close to my mental pinterest christmas! ;)

And if I crave a little more perfection than I can find within our house (and within my heart) I turn to Händels «Messias».

«For the Lord God Omnipotent reigneth.»

«And He shall reign for ever and ever»

This line always makes me so happy.

Yesterday, a friend wrote on facebook :

«He is not a baby. He is, still, a _real_ man. A royal man. A priest forever. He is Jesus. He is God. I am - and feel - totally lost and empty without Him. I am totally saved and totally satisfied with Him.»

He is my perfection.


Valerie said...

We all have pictures in our heads of how we would like things to be but rarely does our real life match our imagination!!! You are making wonderful memories for your children!! I love your blog and I am so happy I found it. Merry Christmas to you and your family!!!!

Patricia @ 9th and Denver said...

A beautiful wonderful Christmas.
I found your account of what Christmas is really like in your home...something many of us dream of...though it never matches our imagination.
It reminds me of Heaven. I'm sure it won't be anything at all like we imagine! But much, much more.
Merry Merry Christmas, my friend across the way!

Fiona said...

Oh I think we can all relate to this post! Our ideals never happen in December. In my case crafts are undone and more baking yet to happen. A friend and I have learnt to appreciate any "Christmas moment" that comes along ... Because it might be the last you get!
Yes your tree is perfect! I love it.
Your children are precious and won't remember the chaos or stress that we feel, but the little traditions of Christmas in your family.
Love your reminders of what Christmas is really about. Wishing you a lovely and holy Christmas!

Diane | An Extraordinary Day said...

What a good post. In some small way, the word picture you painted really says why we need a Savior. There is no perfection in this world. There is only ONE Who IS perfect. Maybe that is why we strive so hard for perfection at Christmas?
Your tree is perfect...Pinterst perfect!!
Peace and Joy come to you on Christmas!

Diane | An Extraordinary Day said...

One more thing....
We are listening to the Messiah right now. My heart is filled. :D

Mindy said...

Such truth. We can never live up to our own imaginations. But He is our perfection indeed. I love your tree in the basket - so pretty!

eba said...

Love love love your Chirstmas tree, and your honesty ;) Don't we all have those images in our heads that never materialize? And how wonderful when they sometimes do? En fortsatt fin romjul til deg og dine! Klem

Simple Home said...

Sounds like my kind of Christmas :) I wrote about something similar.
Blessings to you and your family in the coming year,