Sunday, December 18, 2011

fourth of advent

We finally lit the fourth candle (finally for the children - a little too quick for me).
December has been busy. Once more I spent a night at hospital, this time with my little girl who got a hard soccer ball kicked at her head, which resulted in a concussion.
We are thankful that she got over it quickly.

Than my husband lay new flooring in our entry - I'm SO thankful for this. The old stained carpet with it's strange blue color gone!!!  :)

Anyhow it's soon christmas and yesterday I finally got the chance to get some greenery from my in-law's  garden and made several wreaths and I added some greenery around the house...

... and finally the christmas feeling is here!


Lottemora said...

Ja, disse Desemberdagene går litt for fort unna for min del også...

Ønsker deg og dine en fortsatt fin søndag


Patricia @ 9th and Denver said...

Oh...I hope your little girl heals up well and is improving everyday. Concussions are scary.
The tile is lovely.
The advent is wonderful-- The Joy set before us and something to Hope for, whether young or old!

Merry Christmas~

Fiona said...

Sorry to hear about your daughter, hope she is well now.
Your entryway looks lovely.

lizardspeaks said...

I love your house! I just stumbled upon your blog and I really love the Scandinavian decor. I want to try to emulate it next Christmas. You have lovely taste. Melekalikimaka!