Thursday, October 20, 2011

a trip to Oslo

Do you sometimes feel this urge to do something crazy? We did last week. This time it involved renting a caravan and driving over the mountaines (covered with the first layer of snow) to see the capital. 
Oslo, here we come!

Oslo get's often called the largest village of the world.
True, one doesn't exactly get the metropolitian feeling one get's in Paris or London, but than we had no trouble to find a parking lot right in the city centre.

And the kids we're excited to see the king's castle and the changing of the guard's.
(Although the boys agreed that joining the king's life guard was not very tempting, scince it involves wearing some ridiculess hats and standing very still most of the time ;)

Another highlight was visiting the Kon Tiki museum and learning more about Thor Heyerdahls expeditions.

Little princess bought a package with shark teeth(!!!) and thinks that's the coolest thing she ever had.

Creating memories.

Visiting new friend and a new church.

(Thank you family Myrland for your welcoming home!)

And most of the time these kids are really fun to have around! ;)

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