Tuesday, September 27, 2011

beautiful fall

Sun. Crisp air.

The doors of the old church down the road got painted light blue - love it.
It would be a nice color for our front door, too.

It's strange to just have one child in the mornings - but we enjoy each other tremendously. ;)

I seldomly post pics of myself, but here I snapped one of today's outfit...

 I got inspired by this pic I found on pinterest:

I had not thought of combining a light lacy dress with dark leggins and boots - but had both! :)


cindy said...

You certainly carry off that look really well! Lovely :)

And the blue door on the white church is swoon-city!

Onkel Christian said...

oh it is so lovely isn`t it. just awesome!




- der Aaron natürlich :-)

ne im Ernst. ist immer wieder nett die letzten Neuigkeiten von Euch zu lesen

Fiona said...

Lovely to see a photo of you, love that dress with the boots ...