Saturday, November 13, 2010

Christmas Inspiration

For the first time scince we became parents we will spent the holidays with just us as a family... no extended family this year. I'm actually looking forward to this!!!

Here in Europe we do not start to decorate before the 1st of December and as we use real trees, the tree will not be set up before just some days before Christmas...

Love this trea with apples and dried orange slices - I did this some years ago.

Like many other's I want to go for natural, home-made, simple decorations this year...


I was going in this direction already last year, while the year before I was into  pure white and silver...

Some inspiration I found so far:

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Liliana said...

I love these Christmas decorations ideas! I usually decor my home on 8th December.
Hugs from Málaga ( Spain)